Discover The Truth About Premature Ejaculation – And How You Can Use A Few Simple Exercises To Permanently End This Embarrassing Problem…

Premature Ejaculation Exercises Improvements

By James Robinson – Men’s Sexual Health educator, researcher, and author.

Premature Ejaculation Is More Common Than You Think…

Premature Ejaculation is one of the most common sexual problems affecting men today, with studies showing that 1 in 3 men will experience this embarrassing condition at some point during their lives.

Men affected by premature ejaculation lack the ejaculatory control to last long enough in bed to satisfy their partner and are almost always unable to bring a woman to orgasm.

Premature ejaculation is also known to cause a number of problems outside the bedroom such as stress, low self-esteem, infidelity, and relationship breakdown.

But here’s the real problem…

Premature Ejaculation Is Highly Treatable – Yet Most Men Do Nothing About It…

Can you believe that most men never do anything about their premature ejaculation…

What makes this more shocking is the fact that premature ejaculation is in fact highly treatable, using a simple set of premature ejaculation exercises.

Is premature ejaculation making your life difficult?

Then let me show you a premature ejaculation treatment that is fast working, can be completed at home, on your own and is 100% permanent.

Using this tried and proven method I’m about to explain, I will show you how to last longer in bed by tonight… and how to stop premature ejaculation for good in just 1-4 weeks.

This method is not a band-aid cure…

It’s a sure-fire blueprint showing you to 5 main premature ejaculation causes and how to re-program your ejaculation process, so you can last as long as you desire, and ejaculate when you choose – every time…

Here’s what this simple and effective premature ejaculation treatment can do for you…

This is the typical improvement seen by men, just like you, after completing the exercises I’m about to show you…

If this kind of dramatic improvement would make a real difference to you and your life then keep reading…

Here’s a sample of what I’m about to show you…

  • I explain everything you need to know about what triggers your ejaculation and how you can make a few small changes that will re-program the way your body handles intense stimulation.
  • No less than 5 easy to learn “instant cool down” tricks, that will literally turn back the clock as you near climax – you can use these tonight!
  • The secrets to keeping your control during deep, hard, pounding sex sessions – No more of that poking away at your girl.
  • A set of easy-to-learn premature ejaculation exercises you can complete 2 – 3 times a week that will rapidly boost your lasting time.
  • Learn 3 easy ways to increase your confidence and lift your mental game during sex
  • 3 breathing techniques that work wonders – one to use as you begin – to ensure you’re relaxed, one to use as your arousal increases – to keep it in check, and a killer method to use that will instantly take you back from the brink of orgasm.
  • How to put yourself completely ‘in the zone every time you have sex
  • I reveal the truth about what really triggers your ejaculatory reflex and how to stop it making you ejaculate early
  • Why does exercising your PC muscles the wrong way can make your problem worse – I’ll show you the right way
  • A secret technique, that you can learn in 5 minutes that will give you an extra 10 minutes of lasting time – You can do this tonight!
  • The shocking truth about using visualization techniques during sex – most men are doing this completely wrong
  • How to ride the “wave of arousal” during periods of long-lasting sex – Once you get this working for you, time will no longer be a factor, and you can last as long as you choose.
  • 7 sexual techniques that will not only help you stay cool and controlled but will drive your girl wild – You will be shocked by how quickly these will send her into orgasm
  • And Much, Much More!

If You Want To Start Lasting Longer By Tonight, Read The Following Information Carefully…

From: James Robinson
Men’s Sexual Health educator, researcher, and author.

Dear Friend,

I’m James Robinson, a sexual health counselor at the Chicago Sexual Health Clinic, and I’m going to show you how together we can beat your premature ejaculation problem today.

As a counselor specializing in premature ejaculation, I have seen firsthand the devastating effects that experiencing premature ejaculation can have on your relationships, your confidence, and your overall wellbeing.

Many of the men who come to my clinic have tried pills, creams, or other useless products. They have basically given up and have begun to think that premature ejaculation is just a part of who they are.

If you’re starting to feel this way I want you to stop right now. Premature ejaculation is not something you have to live with. It is not part of who you are. I know for a fact that it is behavior that is absolutely fixable.

This is why I put together this program. Everything I’m about to show you is exactly what I taught men just like you at my clinic face to face…with a 100% success rate.

If you’re fed up with not being able to last long enough in bed to satisfy a woman, this will be the most helpful information you will ever read.

You’re about to discover how to…

  • Gain total control over the timing of your ejaculation
  • Make long-lasting passionate love for hours
  • Bring your partner to orgasm leaving her truly satisfied
  • Gain total control over the timing of your ejaculation
  • Make long-lasting passionate love for hours
  • Bring your partner to orgasm leaving her truly satisfied

Let me show you how easy it is to prevent premature ejaculation

The fact is, there is more than one trigger for the ejaculation process, and therefore there are various methods of controlling it.

The reason why bandaid fixes such as pills creams and other nonsense don’t work is that they don’t go after the root cause of premature ejaculation.

There is no need for those pills and other gimmicks. Complete ejaculation control is something you can learn on your own.

All You Need To Do, Is Learn How Your Ejaculatory Reflex Works… And How To Take Control Of Its Various Triggers

All of the methods I’m about to show you are safe, effective, and completely natural. This premature ejaculation solution has been successfully used by thousands of men in your situation and works virtually every time. This is why I can guarantee it produces real results that no other alternative can.

This Is How You Will Prevent Premature Ejaculation…

Premature ejaculation is not a health problem, disease, or disability. It is just a natural reflex and tensing of the pelvic muscles that most of us are never taught how to control.

This method is so effective at preventing premature ejaculation because it fixes the problem by confronting it at two different levels. The emotional and the physical.

It is known that certain emotions, thoughts, and perceptions have been proven to contribute to premature ejaculation.

It may sound easy to control yourself at the emotional/mental level, but for many men with premature ejaculation, this can be very challenging during sex.

You will learn some powerful techniques that will give you control over these various emotional triggers.

The other method, and perhaps the more effective, is to control yourself at the physical level. This involves a number of methods and techniques all geared towards learning how to gain physical control of the ejaculation process.

These will be explained in detail shortly…

First You Need To Control The Emotions That Trigger Premature Ejaculation…

You can lower the sensitivity of the ejaculatory reflex by making simple changes in the way you think and handle yourself during intercourse

This is why the program includes techniques developed specifically devised to control premature ejaculation at the emotional/mental level.

These techniques will show you how to control your emotions, your thoughts and your perception of sex. They are designed to give you a sense of mental control and confidence that most men never achieve.

They will show you how to delay ejaculation by keeping your arousal at a controllable level. If arousal can be kept in check, you will not prematurely ejaculate.

In addition, many emotions and thoughts actually cause premature ejaculation. I’ll show you exactly which ones, and how to control them.

Mental control is just the beginning…

Next Is The Physical Training…

These Premature Ejaculation Exercises Will Show You How To Stop Premature Ejaculation Every Time…

The physical aspect of controlling premature ejaculation involves training your ejaculatory reflex. Once you train this reflex it will be under your complete control. You can do this on your own. You don’t need a partner to do this.

The Physical Ejaculatory Reflex Training Involves…

  • Strengthening and training certain muscles in your pelvic region that are responsible for controlling the ejaculation process. This is crucial to gaining control over the ejaculatory reflex. This is achieved by doing specific techniques and exercises that over a short period of time will give you the physical ability to hold in ejaculation.
  • Ejaculatory reflex relaxation techniques that allow you to calm the ejaculatory reflex by keeping certain muscles in a relaxed and controlled state. This is crucial to permanently ending premature ejaculation. The reason is simple…When your pelvic region muscles are relaxed and controlled it is physically impossible to ejaculate. Now keeping these muscles in a controlled state is not as easy as simply relaxing your body. It’s a complicated technique that few are aware of, and may take a few weeks to master…but it’s very, very effective.
  • Breathing Techniques that are incredibly effective at calming arousal and the ejaculation process. It’s natural to breathe deeply and in a relaxed way during sex but this is something that 99% of men with premature ejaculation do not do.
  • Training the head of the penis not to overreact upon sensation. This will focus on a phenomenon called the anocutanious reflex. This is basically a tendency for the pelvic muscles to tense up when the head of the penis is stimulated. Now, it’s impossible to completely eliminate this reflex by what you will learn is how to make this sensation more habitual to the nerves, ensuring that you have the ability to return your ejaculatory muscles to a relaxed and controlled state. Many men find that this technique alone has the ability to end their premature ejaculation.
  • Exercises that will literally program your ejaculatory reflex to be in complete control. Be assured that these premature ejaculation exercises are not the usual “stop and start”, “squeeze technique” or other nonsense that just about all other programs try to pass off as a cure. Once you have completed these exercised I promise that you will never have to worry about stopping and starting again.

This Approach Showing You How To Control Premature Ejaculation Is Like Nothing You’ll Find Elsewhere…

These premature ejaculation exercises and training techniques are so effective that I can promise that in a few short weeks you will have gained total control over your ejaculation process and will only ejaculate when you choose to.

I’m not exaggerating when I say you’ll be able to ejaculate at will. This is an ability that I have seen hundreds of men just like you rapidly develop, within weeks of beginning my program.

Long lasting passionate lovemaking is something that every man can experience.

It doesn’t matter how bad your premature ejaculation is. Remember, premature ejaculation is not a part of who you are. It’s something that can be easily fixed by following this step by step course.


Beating Premature Ejaculation

Your step-by-step blueprint to permanently cure premature ejaculation

  • Last longer by tonight – with fast working methods that will help you start lasting longer and satisfying your woman by tonight.
  • Easy to follow, step-by step method that allows you to get started from the moment you open the book…
  • Permanent Results – Once you beat premature ejaculation for yourself – these great results will be with you for good, so you never have to worry about this embarrassing problem ever again.

What Can You Expect?

Here are some of the benefits you will experience after obtaining my program.

  • Last longer – After completing this course you will have gained the mental and physical abilities to last at the very least 20 minutes. However most of my clients gain total control and time is no longer an issue. Over an hour of quality lovemaking is defiantly achievable.
  • Ejaculate at will – learn a number of powerful techniques that will allow you to relax your ejaculatory muscles on call. Remember that when these muscles are relaxed it is physically impossible to ejaculate. You might think achieving this would be difficult, but I assure you every man has the ability to develop this skill.
  • Emergency fixes – I understand that some of you may have a hot date tonight, and don’t have a few weeks to learn all of these methods. Well I can’t promise that you will completely cure premature ejaculation by tonight. What you will get however is a section outlining a large number of methods and techniques you can implement right now, that will have an instant impact on your lasting time. I’ll also reveal a little known temporary fix that’ll guarantee at least a good 15 minutes tonight
  • A complete solution – This method is not a band-aid cure. It will not just teach you to last longer, it will let you take complete control over your ejaculation process … which means you will have the ability to last as long as you desire, and ejaculate only when you choose to.
  • Permanent Results – Remember, the results you will achieve are 100% permanent. Once you have cured premature ejaculation it will never come back because your ejaculatory reflex will be literally programmed to last longer.
  • And most importantly – You will have the ability to completely satisfy your woman. This will make you a better lover. This program will finally give you the power to satisfy your partner the way she deserves.

James, This Is Exactly What I Need, But How Much Will It Cost Me?

If premature ejaculation has been affecting your life, you will have realized by now just how much my Beating Premature Ejaculation program is going to improve your life.

So do this one thing for me… just for a moment

Rather than thinking about how much this program is going to cost

… which, is much less than what you are thinking, I promise

…imagine how much it is going to improve your life

Imagine your relationships without all this embarrassment, fear and humiliation.

No longer worrying about doing odd things and making a fool of yourself during sex, and really start to enjoy it and look forwards to it just like any normal guy does

Well you don’t have to imagine all this, because that’s exactly how your life will be in just a few short weeks from now…

There’ll be no more worrying about women laughing behind your back, You’ll never again have to have ‘that conversation’ with every new girl you meet, as you explain to her you’re little secret.

And if you’re like most men, you’d do anything to avoid all this, right?

I mean when premature ejaculation was causing big problems in my life, I would have paid just about anything for a solution even half as good as this…

I’m not kidding… I mean this issue eats away at your life.

Back then, if I could have got my hands on a guaranteed premature ejaculation cure like this, for even $1000, I’d have given it a go on the spot.

I mean, just seeing a doctor a few times will quickly add up to more than that.. and you’re still left with no real solution.

I mean how can you put a value on this? Do you want to get old and look back on your life knowing you’ve never even managed a normal sex session throughout your whole life? Of course you don’t, do you?

But don’t worry, your copy of the Beating Premature Ejaculation program isn’t going to cost you a thousand dollars here, Not even half that…

You see, I know just how much my system can help so many men who would be stuck without it.

That’s why, if you decide to make a change in your life and purchase my Beating Premature Ejaculation program today, you will get immediate access for the low price of $69. (Keep reading to get an even lower price when you order today…)

What’s required of you?

All that is required of you is that you dedicate yourself and some spare time to follow the step by step instructions and apply my methods. If you are willing to put in the small effort it takes then I guarantee results at least 98% of the time. It’s that effective.

I’m so confident my program will help you last longer and become a better lover that I’m prepared to offer you the following guarantee.

Try Beating Premature Ejaculation Program Risk Free For 60 Days…

Right now you are probably really starting to think about giving this a go…

But I realize you may still have some doubts. It’s only natural… After all, this is the internet, and it’s unfortunate but true that there are a lot of scammers out there trying to cash in on your problem and take your money without offering any real help.

So here’s what I’m going to do…

I know that my program is the real deal, and I know how much it’s going to improve your life.

In fact, I’m so confident that I’m going to let you try my program risk-free for 60 full days, so I can prove that it’s right for you.

The risk is all on me…

If at any time during the 60 days you decide that my program is not right for you, I’ll return every penny.

And this isn’t one of those wishy-washy refunds with exceptions and fine print…

This is a rock-solid, iron-clad guarantee. Simply let me know, and you’ve got your money back with no questions asked. Simple as that.

That’s how confident I am about my program…

After all, I want you to be 100% certain that making this purchase is the right decision for you.

I mean, imagine if you were to walk away now and regret it for the rest of your life…

60 day Money Back Guarantee

I GUARANTEE from this day forward that you will never again have to worry about the embarrassment of premature ejaculation…That’s a promise.

If you don’t…

  • Gain the ability to completely control your ejaculation
  • Develop the staying power to satisfy your partner every time
  • Acquire an awesome feeling of supreme sexual confidence

…within 60 days of using my course, I will gladly refund every penny with no questions asked.

James Robinson

Get these free bonuses when you order today…

Free bonus #1 – 10 Techniques To Last Longer Tonight

10 Quick to learn methods and fail-safe techniques you can use right now to last longer tonight

Bonus Book - Techniques To Last Longer Tonight

This bonus guide is for those of you who may have a hot date tonight and need to learn some techniques right now that will make a difference straight away. These 10 techniques are real measures you can take during sex to turbo-charge your lasting time tonight. I’m confident you won’t be needing this guide within a few weeks, once you have learned the skills of full ejaculation control, but in terms of making an immediate difference to your lasting time, these 10 techniques will be highly useful. Why not try them out tonight?

Free bonus #2 – Premium Lifetime Updates

Unlimited premium access to all updates and bonus material

Beating Premature Ejaculation Lifetime Updates

My Beating Premature Ejaculation program has proven to be extremely successful, yet I’m still constantly researching and looking for new ways to help my clients last longer.

That’s why it’s important to me that you have access to anything new added to my program. What this means is that you will get premium access to all new chapters, methods and exercises guides. You will even get free and unlimited access to any new bonus guides added. Even after the price increases (which it soon will) you will still get access to all new material.

Just before I promised you a great price for all of this and I wasn’t joking…

This is the kind of product that is going to change your life, so you’re probably thinking you’re looking at a huge price, but you’re really not…

In fact, if you go ahead and make your purchase right now, you get it all for just $49.

That’s only $49 for an expert designed course with a 100% money back guarantee that is going to solve all your sexual problems quickly and easily…

Why only $49?

You see, I want you to feel great about making this purchase… after all, it would be tragic if you were to walk away right now, after coming this far… After getting so close, and then going through the rest of your life with premature ejaculation and never experiencing these benefits… I mean, just imagine it!

That’s why I’m offering my program to you today, at a price that all men can afford…

Are You Ready To Make a Change Today?

By ordering this program and following my course you understand that:

  • Premature ejaculation will no longer be a problem for you.
  • You will soon gain complete control over the timing of your ejaculation, so you can last as long as you desire.
  • You will be a better lover than 90% of all other men because of your sexual staying power, superior knowledge, and unique abilities.
  • You have a full 60 days to try this program. The risk is all on me. If for any reason this guide doesn’t help you, I will refund your money.

Purchase the most effective solution available for curing premature ejaculation…


Beating Premature Ejaculation PDF Download


Just $49
Beating Premature Ejaculation – By James Robinson

Download Your Copy Now

secure payment – money back guarantee – privacy guaranteed

This guide is in Adobe pdf format and can be downloaded to your computer. After payment, you will receive a secure download link

Everything is available immediately. You can start right now!

You Have The Power To Make A Change Today…

Thank you for taking the time to read through this information and educate yourself on how easy it can be to prevent premature ejaculation and learn the skill of lasting in bed. I know from my seven years experience treating men with premature ejaculation just how difficult it is for a man to experience this problem and how it can affect your relationships and your overall confidence. I hope that after reading the information on this site that you will realize that there is hope at the end of the tunnel and that premature ejaculation isn’t something you have to live with.

I have complete faith in this program and know that if you have a genuine desire to prevent premature ejaculation it will give the tools and ability to achieve this goal. Providing excellent customer service is also extremely important to me. If you have any questions or need advice please contact me any time.

Yours Sincerely,

James Robinson

Here’s some feedback received for Beating Premature Ejaculation from some satisfied men… and women

“Your book put my entire ‘problem’ into focus”

“I’d been told that there is no cure for premature ejaculation, so I was sceptical at first, but since I had been referred to your program by the American Health Network website, which I trust, I decided to give it a go. All I can say is ‘Wow!’ Your book put my entire “problem” into focus. I had no idea there are so many things I could do to control premature ejaculation. I have gone from lasting under one minute to 20 and I’m only 3 weeks into your course.”


“His premature ejaculation problem was really starting to frustrate me…”

Hi. I got your program for my boyfriend. As much as I love him, his premature ejaculation problem was really starting to frustrate me. Your book helped me learn a lot about what was happening and made it easier to for me to talk about it with him. He has really improved since using your program and we are both much happier. Thanks so much, you have truly helped our relationship.


“I knew I had to face up to my problem and do something about it”

Hi there. Thanks!! I’m emailing you about your book Beating premature Ejaculation. This had been an ongoing problem for me for years and had caused the breakup of my last relationship. I recently met the girl of my dreams and knew I had to face up to my problem and do something about it. I’m only two weeks into your program and last night was able to last 25 minutes and give my girl an orgasm for the first time, it was the best feeling. The premature ejaculation exercises in part 5 of the program were great and made a huge difference. Thanks so much for putting this program together”


Make The Choice To End This Problem Today!

As you can see, you have the power put an end to premature ejaculation right now. Don’t wait another day. Make the choice right here and now to take action and put an end to this problem once and for all.

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