Premature Ejaculation Sprays: Everything You Need To Know

Premature ejaculation is an issue that affects many men. While this can be a difficult subject to talk about, some sexual health experts recommend using premature ejaculation (PE) sprays as part of the solution and there are now several delay spray products on the market for treating subjective PE quickly and effectively without risky side effects, however, there may be some long-term damage to sexual performance when you return to sex without numbing.

In this article, we’re going to explore what makes for high-quality premature ejaculation sprays and how you should go about selecting one best suited for your needs.

But if you are considering going down this road, I strongly advise you to first consider a natural training program to last longer in bed naturally such as Beyond Delay or our own Beating Premature Ejaculation Guide.

What Are PE Sprays?

Premature ejaculation sprays are topical anesthetics that work to desensitize the penis. It contains local anesthetic, a chemical substance that numbs certain areas of the body when applied topically—benzocaine or lidocaine is sometimes used in these products.

When sprayed onto specific sensitive parts of your genital region prior to sexual intercourse and oral sex session can help you last longer during such activities with fewer effects if any on those involved in it like partners. The spray will provide temporary relief from premature climaxing by delaying orgasm in the few moments it takes to become fully absorbed by your body.

Spray products that eliminate premature ejaculation all feature a common factor: they help men who struggle with pe experience longer-lasting sex, even if only by just several extra seconds. This makes them advantageous as part of an overall treatment plan for early discharge, though users should also note not all delay sprays are created equal and must choose appropriately before using.

Are PE Sprays Effective?

According to medical professionals, when applied properly and used according to the manufacturer’s instructions can lead to effective results in delaying the ejaculation process. However, it is important to note that applying an excessive amount of delay spray can lead to lesser results and must be done each time before any sexual activity with the proper distribution.

What Are the Side Effects of PE Sprays?

The most commonly reported side effects by users include a slight numbing effect in areas where sprayed though this usually wears off within minutes after application allowing for normal arousal levels once again or during sex itself depending on your sensitivity level. Additionally, some men may find excess amounts irritate their delicate sensual tissue leading to skin irritation but such cases are rare and not applicable when using a proper amount of spray compared to over-application.

What Makes for a High-Quality Premature Ejaculation Spray?

When shopping around, look for premature ejaculation sprays that feature any of these characteristics:

  • Efficient Delay Spray Technology: Make sure the active ingredients are tried and tested. All good PE delay products must contain clinically proven effectiveness in terms of delaying orgasm.
  • Reducing Sensitivity: The Desired Effects For Men: This is an important factor to consider when using a PE spray, as most of them all work differently depending on the amount and type applied. Good delay sprays will feature advanced ingredients specifically designed for male genitalia which reduce its sensitivity enough that sex can take place normally.
  • No Carry Over To Your Partner: One concern men might have is if spraying too many leads to their partner also feeling it, but good products are formulated in such a way so this doesn’t happen while still remaining effective.

PE Sprays with Lidocaine

Note that certain sprays feature lidocaine-based active ingredients. What is lidocaine spray? And how does it work against premature ejaculation to help men last longer during sex and oral activities? Lidocaine, aka xylocaine or diclofenac sodium topical solution (DSTS), belongs in the class of drugs called local anesthetics, which causes a temporary decrease in sensitivity by blocking nerve signals from reaching sensitive areas when applied topically.

.When sprayed onto specific sensitive parts of your genital region prior to sexual intercourse and oral sex session, it can help you last longer during such activities with no significant effects if any on those involved in it like partners. Promescent is a well-known lidocaine-based spray that products manufacturers have specifically addressed safety concerns related to consumers utilizing the product prior to sexual activity without negatively affecting their partner.

Premature Ejaculation And Benzocaine Spray

Benzodiazepines are drugs mainly used as anesthetics for various symptoms of colds including toothaches, sore throats, canker and cold sores, and other minor skin irritations. Some drugstores even sell them over the counter in the form of Benzocaine Delay Sprays specifically designed to delay ejaculation while having sexual intercourse or oral sex, allowing men with premature ejaculation problems some degree of control.

Delay Spray

How does a delay spray work? Delaying sprays are mainly topical anesthetics that when sprayed onto specific sensitive parts of your genital region prior to sexual activities can significantly reduce sensitivity levels temporarily giving you more time during such activities without completely numbing them. Delay spray does not offer a long-term solution for premature ejaculation, but studies indicate its use can prove effective in the short term.

Are PE Sprays Effective?

Several clinical studies are currently made to prove sprays’ efficacy as a treatment of objective and subjective forms of premature ejaculation (PE). So far all tests showed positive results with patients gaining more control over their performance during sexual activities.

  • One study published in 2015 monitored 62 men who used lidocaine-based PE sprays twice a day for four weeks. After the trial, approximately 80% of participants reported increased control and satisfaction in their sexual activities.
  • Another study published in 2019 states that patients have better results when using benzocaine spray over lidocaine-type products as its effects last much longer than latter during intercourse or oral sex without feeling any desensitizing effect. The same principle applies to many different types of delay sprays – quality is key here!>So make sure you purchase your delayed ejaculation product from reputable sources with effective active ingredients specifically tailored towards men’s needs.

How to Apply Premature Ejaculation Spray

Before you use any spray, it’s important to read the instructions for your product. Generally speaking, most delay sprays are used in a similar manner. Most manufacturers recommend applying three or more applications 15 minutes before engaging in sexual activity—particularly if using Benzocaine-based products.

The first step is selecting where on your body (specifically genital areas like a penis) that seems best suited for the application and can aid desired effect without overdoing so which might lead users to excessive numbing due to excess lidocaine-based sprays. To apply, spray a thin layer of the product onto your chosen area in a circular motion and make sure it is fully absorbed before engaging in any sexual activity.

This process should be repeated if necessary prior to each session or during you can use a lidocaine-based one just once at an earlier time providing effects lasting throughout its intended duration though not all delay sprays offer the same effectuating ingredients so do research first!

What Are Alternatives to Premature Ejaculation Spray?

Spray application isn’t for everyone—some people may find that other treatments like wipes or creams actually work best for them. Wipes can be applied discreetly before sexual activity and are easy to work with while offering similar results as sprays, they won’t stain multiple items like cream products may.

Creams also offer great efficacy but its important users take into account the specific latex condom an individual is using when planning on engaging in intercourse as oil-based lubrication which these treatments provide can cause condoms breakage resulting in unwanted outcomes afterward such as pregnancy!

Will Sprays Totally Cure Premature Ejaculation?

No delay spray alone can resolve a lifelong premature ejaculation issue on its own—they must be incorporated into an overall treatment plan. Such treatments can involve exercise to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, control stress levels, improve communication with sexual partners, and many other methods.

Although such products are not always necessarily required for curing PE syndrome as studies have shown individual involvement in seeking help from psychological counseling or medicinal helps it is highly recommended one visits their healthcare professional regarding potential solutions available rather just opt-in favor of delay spray alone before a proper diagnosis could be identified or when used improperly (excess amounts) causing more issues than providing benefits sought after by using a product like these.

3 Best Premature Ejaculation Spray

When searching for the best delay sprays and creams, there are quite a few brands to choose from. To make things easier, here is our shortlist of 3 products that have proven themselves over time to be great candidates with different combinations or active ingredients either type having benefits like Proxylocaine spray offering up to 8 times more effective sensitivity reduction when compared to user feedback than lidocaine-based.

  • Promescent Delay Sprays: A lidProxylocaine-based spray specifically designed for prolonged sexual intercourse. It’s a great product for those who want to delay ejaculation, as it contains the highest amount of active ingredients offered in any delay sprays on the market.
  • Stud100: A delayed solution offering men control over their premature climaxing due to its effective active ingredient combination with several benefits like ease of application through variety  Its main focus is lidocaine based so better results can be achieved without fear of overdose.
  • Verge: This is a crossover product that uses both benzocaine and lidocaine-based sprays. It allows men more nuance in varying the amount of spray applied according to their desired effects without fear of overdose providing effective results over different use cases like sexual intercourse or oral activities.

What Do Users Think Of Delay Sprays?

There are countless reviews from users claiming all 3 products do provide expected influences however with aid Proxylocainebased offers 8 times better performance when compared to those utilizing only active ingredients associated with it like lidocaine.

Many users claim that by using delay spray correctly, they have greatly improved their sexual experience in various different ways.


Premature ejaculation sprays are readily available over-the-counter products formulated to help men maintain control and prolong sex. When utilized under correct instructions as stated in manufacturers’ guidelines such products can provide beneficial outcomes without inflicting negative side effects but should not always be solely relied upon without first trying other ways to last longer in bed.