Premature Ejaculation Treatments

As of yet, there are no medical drugs approved to be used as a premature ejaculation treatment for men. However, the good news is that with the right advice and a little practice premature ejaculation is in fact highly treatable.

The most successful premature ejaculation treatment is to complete a series of premature ejaculation exercises that will quickly teach your body how to maintain ejaculatory control during high levels of stimulation.

The reason a premature ejaculation exercise program works so well as a premature ejaculation treatment is because most men who experience premature ejaculation have nothing medically wrong with them. The only reason why they ejaculate early is that they lack the bodily knowledge and understanding of how to control the triggers that cause them to ejaculate early.

For the large majority of men, these skills can be learned within a few weeks leading to dramatic improvements in lasting time. A quality exercise training program as a treatment for premature ejaculation should cover a number of key areas.

A common misconception about premature ejaculation exercises is that it’s all about masturbating away for hours, but a good premature ejaculation program covers a whole range of areas such as correct breathing, visualization techniques, how to understand levels of arousal, and what action to take accordingly, mental control techniques and pelvic and ejaculatory muscles control exercises.

Each of these exercises on its own will help you last longer, but the real power is seen when they are combined and start working together. You will start feeling more relaxed and less anxious, your mind will begin to focus on the woman you are with and stop worrying about ejaculating too soon, and your ejaculatory muscles will be in a state of total control.

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